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Is Love Vapour safe to use, what are the ingredients?

Yes.  All Love Vapour products are CE & RoHS certified, meeting stringent European regulatory requirements.

The clearomisers contains nicotine, propylene glycol, water and flavourings.

Propylene Glycol is a liquid compound found in many health products such as toothpaste and cough syrup.

Why do people use Love Vapour electronic cigarettes?

There are numerous benefits to using Love Vapour electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes.

Please click here to see them in more detail.

Nicotine is an addictive substance found in the leaves of several species of plants, vegetables and tea leaves.

Traditionally smoked or chewed, the effects of nicotine can last from minutes to hours, making the user feel stimulated, relaxed or calm.

By itself, nicotine is not considered carcinogenic, when tobacco is smoked as a traditional cigarette however, it releases a number of dangerous chemicals and it is these that pose the greatest risk to health.

The carcinogenic properties of nicotine in a standalone form, for example in Love Vapour electronic cigarettes, have not been evaluated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (unlike smoking or chewing tobacco which has been evaluated).

No.  Love Vapour has not been proven as a smoking cessation device and is not sold or marketed as such.

Love Vapour simply offers users an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, allowing them to be enjoyed anywhere, without any passive smoke concerns or odours and at a fraction of the cost of traditional cigarettes.

It is actually not smoke at all, it is a condensed air and water vapour which is mixed with nicotine to mimic the sensation of smoke.

Unlike a traditional cigarette, the vapour from Love Vapour electronic cigarettes disappears in seconds leaving no lingering smells.

No.  The vapour produced by Love Vapour electronic cigarettes is virtually odourless, giving users the freedom to smoke around others who would normally be irritated by the smell of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

As they do not actually produce smoke, Love Vapour electronic cigarettes also eliminate all of the concerns associated with passive smoking.

Yes.  Love Vapour can be used in public areas where traditional smoking is prohibited.   This includes (but is not limited to) offices, restaurants, pubs, clubs and bars. They can also be used by employees in company vehicles where traditional cigarettes are currently banned.

As Love Vapour electronic cigarettes emit a harmless vapour to mimic the sensation of real smoke, users do not contravene the 2006 Health & Safety Act by using them in any of the places where traditional cigarettes are banned.

Note: As a responsible organisation we would discourage using Love Vapour in confined public places that could cause unnecessary confusion and potential security concerns to others (i.e. airplanes, trains, etc.).

No.  Love Vapour electronic cigarettes are upto 85% cheaper than traditional cigarettes and come in a variety of great flavours!

To see the savings you can make by switching to Love Vapour electronic cigarettes, use our online calculator.

All Love Vapour products are backed by:

What is nicotine?

Is Love Vapour approved as a smoking cessation device?

What is the "smoke" that is released from Love Vapour?

Does the vapour produced by Love Vapour electronic cigarettes smell?

Can I use Love Vapour anywhere?

But isn’t it cheaper to smoke traditional cigarettes?

What guarantees exist with Love Vapour products?