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The Love Vapour electronic cigarette is an electronic smoking device which simulates the act of smoking without requiring you to inhale any harmful smoke. This allows you to satisfy your craving for nicotine without compromising the look, feel and taste of a traditional cigarette and, more importantly, without the smoke, smell, tar or ash.

Love Vapour Electronic Cigarettes are comprised of two main parts:

When you inhale on Love Vapour, the suction is detected by a sensor which causes the heating element to be activated. The heating element vaporises the nicotine solution stored in the clearomiser. This is released as a harmless steam vapour which is visible when you exhale and resembles smoke. The LED light at the end of a Love Vapour electronic cigarette mimics the burning of tobacco, giving the illusion that you are smoking a traditional cigarette.

Because of these unique qualities you have the freedom to smoke Love Vapour anywhere you choose, without exposing yourself and others to the associated risks of traditional tobacco smoking. This is an important characteristic when you consider that a traditional cigarette produces over 4000 harmful chemical compounds, many of which are toxic and contain carcinogenic (cancer causing) properties.

Whether you are trying to save money or simply appreciate value for money, there is no denying that smoking a Love Vapour electronic cigarette is considerably cheaper than smoking a traditional cigarette. Annually you could be looking at savings of £1000's. Giving you the freedom to save or spend your money however you choose.

One of the leading causes of house fires is attributable to cigarettes. Love Vapour electronic cigarettes do not operate like a traditional cigarette. You do not light them with a flame; they work by use of a battery. As there is no exposure to a naked flame, it is not flammable and much safer for your home.

As if smoking isn't bad enough, the pungent offensive smell can really get non-smokers worked up. With Love Vapour electronic cigarettes there are no foul smells. Better still the smoke you see is not really smoke, it's water vapour. So free yourself of embarrassing situations where you offend others with the smell and the concerns of passive smoking and quit worrying about bad breath and yellow stained fingernails.

Unlike traditional cigarettes that require lighting, Love Vapour electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco nor are they lit. They are electronic devices that produce harmless steam vapour. Therefore the use of Love Vapour electronic cigarettes does not contravene the Health Act 2006. This gives you the freedom to smoke anywhere.

By shopping with us, you are involved with giving back to the community. A percentage of all profits are donated to charities that make a significant difference to individuals whose lives have been affected by smoking related diseases.

Love Vapour electronic cigarettes are designed to give you the freedom to control your life and make smart choices. You control where and when you smoke your Love Vapour and you decide how you will enjoy it through a variety of products and flavours.

With Love Vapour electronic cigarettes, you can be sure to satisfy your nicotine craving, because after all that is why you are smoking. With traditional cigarettes you are exposing yourself to more than 4000 toxins including tar, carbon monoxide, acetone (found in nail polish remover) and arsenic (found in rat poison). Once you switch to Love Vapour electronic cigarettes, you eliminate exposure to these chemical compounds which have carcinogenic (cancer causing) properties. You have the freedom to choose which strength of nicotine you prefer and unlike traditional cigarettes, you can continue to satisfy your nicotine craving whilst enjoying a variety of flavours.