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The iWand adopts ergonomic design and is the first square-sized e cigarette, its shiny appearance and harmonious structure deliver the sense of fashion and luxury. The iWand has been given special Zinc alloy treatment, which symbolises nobility and joy.

The iWand is compatible with most atomisers on the market by using its special adopters, such as 808D, 510, 4081, 901, 8105, Tidy, etc; The iWand can also detect the resistance of different atomisers automatically and recommend a proper voltage range accordingly (this is done by pressing two buttons for 3 seconds).

The iWand is the first cigarette to adopt advanced magnetic between battery and tank atomiser, users can combine battery and atomiser in a second, instead of having to screw the atomiser down. There is also an adapter in case you want to attach a standard fit screw atomiser such as the ce5.

The iWand e cigarette uses built in replacement tank atomisers. The chargeable atomiser system makes removal and cleaning of the atomiser quick, simple and effective.

The iWand uses a built in 650 mAH polymer  Li-Ion rechargeable battery with a high power discharge.

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The LCD screen on the battery bottom can display battery capacity. Blue means over 75% capacity left, Green mean 25% - 75% capacity left, Red means less than 25% capacity, which tells you that the battery needs charge.

The iWand battery with circuit protection as below:

(1) Short Circuit Protection - which can prevent the battery from overheating.

(2) Over-Discharge Protection - the power will automatically turn off when the battery is discharged over 10 seconds.

(3) Low Voltage Warning - when the voltage is lower than 3 V, the red LED will flash 8 times, then the battery will stop supplying power, means that the battery needs recharging.

What's in the Box?

1 x iWand Battery

2 x iWand Clearomisers

1 x Cover with clip

1 x iWand Adapter

1 x USB Retractable Cable

1 x USB A/C Adaptor

FREE 10 ML E-Liquid Bottle (any flavour from our range)


From £4.99

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